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Realizing your DREAMS

Posted by SimoneM on July 24, 2012 at 1:05 AM

Realizing what you have always dreamed of becoming and making that step can be frightening at times. However, sitting down and putting off making that first step constantly will get you nowhere. Listen to your inner self deep within and make the necessary baby steps to start the process.

I have always loved PR & Events growing up as a child and would spend majority of my time planning and organizing family events (even for dining on a Sunday evening with the family), school events, club meetings & events, class outings. During my university years I jumped at every chance I got to part-take in planning events from the start straight through to the end. Watching the faces of our targeted audience go up in awe and creating that huge WOW is what makes this venture an amazing experience and a continuous one.

The key to being successful is believing in yourself and  taking “NO” out your vocabulary. Tell yourself that you can do this no matter how hard of a task that may present itself. Never be afraid of failing. If something fails or did not go the way you have planned, dust it off and use that as a stepping stone for the next event/task ahead. Look at why that aspect did not work and the circumstances surrounding that aspect whether it was the concept that it was used in, the avenue or medium used to bring forth the message or brand or even the manner in which it was used.

Whenever one door closes there is always another one to be opened. A door closing now is only making room for a better door to be open with greater benefits to be reaped.

Surround yourself with family and friends who are supportive and will guide you in a positive direction. Take criticism as they come, which maybe good or bad, but these are what makes us stronger and provides us with a smarter and more creative tomorrow. Never be afraid to ask questions, what you do with the answers is the key.

“Spread your wings and fly”


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